AR Weather Locations

Check the weather with AR


The iOS app, AR Weather Locations (AR Weather LS) is a free educational app. You can see the weather forecast for any location in the world, and experience the weather forecast in 3D scenes in Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality (AR) allows you to see clouds, wind, rain, and snow with 3D animated graphics.

Weather data is provided by Apple Weather Services.


Ver.1.0 has been released. It works on iPhone / iOS 16 or iPad / iPadOS 16.


Find the latitude and longitude of the places of interest in the world. By registering the location in the app, you can see the weather forecast for that location.
For example, Syowa Station (observatory) in Antarctica is located at latitude -69.006958 and longitude 39.583744 [degrees].

When displaying AR / 3D, the scale can be switched between Small, Medium, and Large.
On Medium and Large scales, you can get inside the 3D scene and experience the weather.


Twitter: @weatherarapp